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After 12,000 video ads, we built the only system that provides seamless collaboration for creators, agencies, and brands.

Join Script Writers, Content Creators, Social Media Managers, Editors, Publishers, Advertisers, Funnel Builders and other Media Marketing experts from around the world!



63 Brands & Counting!

+1,000s of video ads online.

Let's Face it

Marketing Is Full Of Headaches

  • Losing Files in Drive or Dropbox

  • Complex project management tools

  • Hiring quality marketing specialists

  • Executing the right tasks

With MediaTeam.App...

  • Store & Organize All Your Brand Media

  • Categorize Media by Offers & Users

  • Rank and Review Social Media Posts

  • Brand Leaderboards

  • Offer Leaderboards

  • Ad Leaderboards

  • Template Marketing Tasks

  • Template Websites and Funnels

  • Template Videos, Designs, and Audio

  • Outsource Content Creation

  • Outsource Editing

  • Outsource Posting

  • Outsource Advertising

  • And So Much MORE!


Join the worldwide community

Our Remote Media Teams are worldwide! Join Content Creators, Social Media Managers, Editors, Publishers, Advertisers, and Funnel Builders from all across the globe!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Owns My Files?

You do! You get unlimited storage with Remote Media Team and can download your files at all times. By using Remote Media Team, we have a license you use or reference your media at any time.

Who Owns My Accounts?

You do! Your brand owns all social media profiles, advertising accounts, pixels, and tracking. Remote Media Team may create assets or new accounts on your behalf, but your brand owns them.

Is this for new businesses?

We have programs for brand new businesses and well established 8 figure brands. It's never too early or too late to start your own media team. A majority of our clients already have products and services they are selling, but many of our personal brands leverage their media team just to stay active on social media! Everyone should have a Remote Media Team!

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